Try your hand at some trivia. Or maybe shoot some hoops with Ginger. How about colouring in some cutup dolls? There’s so much to do in the playground!

Note: Flash 5 Player or above is required to play games in the playground.
If you see the flashing “OK”, you’re ready to play. If you don’t, you can download the player here.
Rise and Shine Rise ‘n Shine (ages 3-5) – It’s time for Jerome to go to school. Can you help him get ready?

Thanks to Didier for the game engine.

Safe Kids Trivia Safe Kids Trivia (ages 7+) – Go through a day at school with Ginger. Do you know what it takes to stay safe?

Thanks to Douglas Kahn for the game engine.

Hoops Hoops (ages 6+) – Ginger is trying out for the basketball team. She’s challenging YOU to a game of hoops.

Thanks to Chuck Tomlinson for the game engine.

Alphabet Soup Alphabet Soup (ages 7+) – Can you unscrambe all the words?

Thanks to Arpit Jain for the game engine.